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You can go part way up the mountain by minibus and then take a short hike to Sveti Jure peak or take a 5 hour hike through black pine forests and fields of chamois and sheep. Biokovo Mountain, rising behind Tucepi, offers wonderful hiking opportunities. The highest peak at 1762m (two homs). Take plenty of water. Another popular destination is the Botanical Garden by Makarska near the village of Kotišina which can be reached by a marked trail from Makar that passes under a series of towering peaks.

Lies 15 nautical miles from Tucepi. The town of Hvar, the biggest settlement on the island, abounds in Romanesque and Renaissance buildings, and Mediterranean atmosphere. It bears the name of Croatian Madeira. The town of Jelsa, the second biggest on the island, is famous for its vintage Dalmatian wines.

Lies 11 nautical miles across from Tucepi. Brač, island of stone, sunshine and sea. As you step on the island, its many beauties, clear sea, kilometres long beaches along the pinewood and places for peace and fun will be yours. Small and beautiful towns: Supetar, Bol, Postira, Milna

A Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque town – all in one. Located on the very southern end of Croatia.

Water sports —– only 150 m distance from Villa Nela one can rent several kinds of vessels (jet-ski, motor ship, kayak, pedalines), or, accompanied by the local young people, enjoy water-skiing, parasailing, driving banana-boat and others.

Sport centre —– only 200 m distance from Villa Nela, close to the beach, the wonderful sport centre Slatina is located. You will find there football field, basketball court, volley-ball, field-ball and tennis court, table tennis, bowling green and the playground for children as well.

Evening and night life —– the night life in Tuèepi offers a wide palette of adventures. In the numerous bars and restaurants along the beach and on the hotel terraces you will find relaxation after the “fatiguing“ swimming and sunning on the beach. Some may continue to enjoy on the beach where the night swimming is allowed.. Some may go for a romantic long walk by moonlight alongside the beach, and find some quite place to wait for the daybreak with the person they love.

Walking tours —– Tuèepi is an excellent place for walking. Apart from the long seaside and the beach, the little port in the centre, you can enjoy the morning or afternoon trips to the old villages of Tuèepi in the foothills of the Biokovo mountain. After walking along the stone paths leading you through the thick olive and pine woods, you can recover in the rustic wine-shops and restaurants and enjoy the traditional Dalmatian dishes.