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Zakwaterowanie w Tucepi – Villa Nela


Villa Nela is located barely 150 meters from the beach, next to the hotel Alga. Close to beaches, sports fields, walking trails, restaurants, coffee bars, and all other facilities necessary for a complete holiday experience, making for an unforgettable summer vacation. Covic family are not only the owners of the property, but also the Villa Nela staff who will make sure that all of your needs are met during your stay in Tucepi. The guests of Villa Nela will experience a true family atmosphere, as well as a personal and friendly service that cannot be found in larger hotels. Along with tradition and courtesy, Villa Nella offers all of the amenities of a superior tourist facility of this kind. All of the apartments have their own bathrooms, air conditioning, cable TV, Wi-Fi, large and spacious balconies, and a guaranteed parking space in front of the villa.
On the way to the beach, one never needs to cross a road, as there is an underpass right next to the villa, spacious enough to accomodate strollers/prams, bycicles, and wheelchairs. There is a 2 minute walk max to the central beach with small children.



Tucepi are located in the southern part of Makarska Riviera. The 4km long Tučepi  beach is the longest stretch of the beach in Makarska Riviera. This unique, like a pearl string stretch of pine tree lined beaches, as well as vineyards and olive groves, beautifully represents the  Mediterranean climate and atmosphere of Tucepi. Until the earthquake of 1962 and the construction of the Adriatic Highway, the majority of the Tucepi inhabitants has lived in the mountain hamlets of Podpec, Čovići, and Srida, and villages of Simic and Podstup on the fertile slopes of Biokovo. The main source of income has been agriculture, mainly olive oil and wine making. After the earthquake, the new and modern estate, Kraj, arose along the peaceful, pebbled coastline, founding prosperity in tourism. This area was first inhabited in Illyrian times, as well as in the early Middle Ages, as evidenced by the early Christian church dating back to the 5th or 6th century AD. Entertainment and cultural programs are an integral part of the tourist attractions in Tucepi. Every year the “Tucepi summer evenings” is brimming with different amusement and cultural events. “Tucepi summer evenings” starts off with a traditional folk party on June 13th, the feast of St. Anthony, the patron saint Tucepi. At the end of June, there is an annual festival of «klapa» music songs in hotel «Kastelet.» Klapa music is a form of traditional a capella singing in Dalmatia, Croatia. In Tučepi port you can enjoy fish nights, pop music concerts, folklore groups and klapa groups performances. The hundred year peace and quiet of the old hamlets and villages is occasionally interupted by annual theatrical performances under the name of «Ka kultura u tucepskim zaseocima» ( “Something like a culture in Tucepi hamlets”). These performances, along with an abundant offerings from the local cuisine, are sure to provide an unforgettable experience.